Counter-Strike 2 Beta Unveiled: Everything You Need to Know

Great news for gaming fans! The sequel to the much-loved CS:GO, Counter-Strike 2, has finally been revealed by Valve. Before the full release due in Summer 2023, an exclusive, limited test beta version has been rolled out. To give you a sneak peek into the gaming thrill that awaits, here’s a simple, step-by-step guide on how to join, play and enjoy the CS2 beta.

A New Way to Announce a Game

Throwing a curveball, Valve decided to forgo the traditional release trailer. They chose an interactive route instead – a series of YouTube videos were posted, highlighting the advanced features of Counter-Strike 2 such as dynamic smoke grenades, evolved maps, and improved tick rates.

Gearing Up for the Beta

The highly-anticipated Counter-Strike 2 beta is not available to all players just yet. It’s a selective process, and Valve is hand-picking players based on their playtime on official servers, trust factor, and overall Steam account standing. If you’re lucky enough to be picked, you’ll be notified on your CS:GO main menu.

Beta Access: No Keys Needed

Wondering about beta keys? No need! You won’t require any keys or codes for the CS2 limited test beta. Once you’re chosen, all you need to do is wait for a pop-up in your CS:GO main menu and then click ENROLL to start your download.

Exciting Features to Explore in CS2 Beta

The first glimpse of the Counter-Strike 2 beta promises adrenaline-filled deathmatches and unranked competitive matchmaking on a brand-new map called Mirage.

How to Handle Bugs in the Game

If you happen to run into any bugs while playing, Valve has set up an easy-to-use reporting system. All you need to do is drop an email at

Can You Use Your CS:GO Skins in CS2 Beta?

Absolutely! You’re free to use all your existing skins and items from CS:GO in the CS2 beta test. Keep in mind that some items may look a bit different due to the new lighting in the game, and modifying these items won’t be possible during the beta test.

We hope this handy guide provides a smooth ride into the exciting world of the Counter-Strike 2 beta. For more in-depth information, you can check out Valve’s official FAQ on the beta. Happy gaming!