CS2 is now live on Faceit

FACEIT Launches CS2 with Anti-Smurf Measures, Improved Matchmaking, and New Ranking System

FACEIT has rolled out CS2 featuring a range of updates aimed at improving gameplay and ensuring fair competition. The platform has introduced strong measures against smurfing and cheating alongside a more accurate Elo system for fair matchmaking. The official full article can be found here.

Anti-Cheating Measures

To combat smurfing and account abuses, FACEIT now requires all players to use its Anti-Cheat software for CS2 matchmaking. ID verification enforcement has also been increased to manage suspicious accounts. The new 24/7 Priority Verified Matching will prioritize verified accounts in matchmaking, reducing interactions with unverified players. Moreover, Elo penalties will apply where there’s a significant difference in Elo among party members, balancing the competition further.

Super Match Feature

The Super Match feature enables players to personalize matchmaking experiences by ensuring specific match characteristics based on their preferences. This gives players more control over their matches.

Seasonal Elo System and New Rank

A new seasonal Elo system has been introduced along with a ‘Challenger’ rank for the top 1,000 FACEIT players in each region. The new rank provides clear skill recognition and gives ambitious players new targets beyond level 10. The announcement comes alongside FACEIT Season 1, which offers a substantial $100,000 prize pool for top matchmaking players across different regions.

FPL Proving Grounds

Replacing the FPL-C Hubs and FPL-C Qualifiers, the FPL Proving Grounds aims to help the highest Elo-rated matchmaking players transition into the professional scene. The event occurs every four months, culminating in a 7-day private matchmaking hub event where players compete for a share of the $100,000 prize pool and a direct invite to the FPL.

Matchmaking Process

With a redesigned Matchmaking Page and the addition of Priority Verified Matching, players will find a smoother transition into matches. More content, missions, and rewards have also been introduced for both free and premium users to celebrate the CS2 launch.

Server Location Optimization

European players can now select their server locations before queuing to improve ping times and reduce language barriers, enhancing the matchmaking experience further.


The various updates underscore FACEIT’s commitment to providing a balanced, competitive, and enjoyable gaming environment for the CS2 community.