CS2 Knowledge Quiz

Check your CS2 knowledge and pass the test with 9 of 10 correct answers to show that you are a true CS2 master!

New 10 questions on each try!

The questions and answers are always shuffled. As well as in any online game, don’t even try to cheat!


Congratulations! You Passed! Well done! Your knowledge of Counter-Strike 2 is impressive. You’ve proven that you understand the game’s mechanics and strategies inside and out. Keep up the good work, and continue mastering your skills. Remember, the best players are always learning, so keep absorbing knowledge and improving your gameplay. Continue to challenge yourself and strive for excellence. Happy gaming!

Unfortunately, You Didn’t Pass This Time. Don’t be discouraged! Counter-Strike 2 is a complex game with a lot to learn, and it’s normal to not know everything. Take this as an opportunity to further expand your knowledge and improve your gameplay. Use our guides, keep playing, and don’t hesitate to retake the quiz when you’re ready. Remember, every master was once a beginner. Keep striving, and you’ll get there. Good luck, and we hope to see you back here soon!

#1. How much armor does a helmet provide?

#2. Which CS2 map has a call-out known as "Banana"?

#3. How much time does the bomb timer last?

#4. Which gun does not have a silencer?

#5. What is the running speed with a bomb?

#6. What is the command to mute all players in a CS2 match?

#7. What's the maximum amount of money you can have?

#8. What does the term "eco round" mean in CS2?

#9. How much health and armor does a player start with at the beginning of a round in competitive mode?

#10. What strategy involves the entire team attacking a single bombsite at the start of a round?