CS2 Weapons Guide

In Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), your choice of weaponry can make the difference between a thrilling victory and a crushing defeat. Each weapon has its own unique characteristics and optimal usage scenario. This guide will help you understand the arsenal at your disposal in CS2, covering everything from powerful rifles to close-quarters submachine guns and precision sniper rifles. Let’s jump in!


Weapon Meta

CS2 Meta weapons

*In CS2, the Desert Eagle is highly recommended!



Starting with the renowned AK-47, this rifle is a fundamental choice for the Terrorist side. Its strength lies in its high damage output, capable of executing opponents with a single headshot even when they’re helmeted. However, it comes with a challenging spray pattern which, when mastered, can turn the tide in your favor. Use the AK-47 for medium to long-range combat and hold your ground even in close-quarters battles.


Counter-terrorists can opt for the M4A4 or the M4A1-S. Both offer a well-rounded blend of power, fire rate, and precision, though they lack the AK-47’s one-shot headshot capacity against armored foes. The M4A1-S trades some fire rate for improved accuracy and a silencer, reducing noise and eliminating bullet traces. Employ these rifles to tackle a range of situations, with a particular emphasis on medium-range engagements.


The AWP is the most powerful and feared weapon in CS2. It can eliminate enemies with a single shot to the chest or head. Its slow rate of fire makes accuracy paramount. Use the AWP to control long sightlines and dispatch enemies before they get close.

SSG 08

The SSG 08, or Scout, is a cheaper alternative to the AWP. It’s less powerful, requiring a headshot to kill, but offers faster movement speed when scoped. Use the SSG 08 for mobile sniping and long-range picks when the budget is tight.

SG 553

The SG 553 is a scoped rifle available to the Terrorist side. It deals heavy damage and is highly accurate, especially when using its scope. Its high price point is a drawback, but in the right hands, the SG 553 can control the battlefield. Use this weapon for precise, long-range engagements and punishing headshots.


The counterpart to the SG 553 for the CTs, the AUG also offers a scope for increased accuracy at range. It features a high fire rate and good damage output, making it a solid choice for players who prefer scoped engagements. Use the AUG to hold tight angles and contest long sightlines.

G3SG1 / SCAR-20

The G3SG1 (for Terrorists) and SCAR-20 (for Counter-Terrorists) are semi-automatic sniper rifles. They deliver powerful, accurate shots and are lethal in skilled hands, but they’re costly. Use them to hold down long sightlines and counter enemy snipers.



The UMP-45 is a cost-effective SMG with a high kill reward and reasonable damage, excellent for aggressive play or during economic rounds. It excels in close-quarter battles, such as rushing a bombsite or holding off enemy advances.


The MP7 offers a balance between damage, fire rate, and accuracy among the SMGs. It’s more expensive than the UMP-45, but the enhanced control can give players an edge in heated firefights. Use the MP7 when anticipating medium-range engagements and when your budget allows.


The P90 is unique among SMGs for its large magazine size and high fire rate, making it a terror in close-quarters combat. However, it comes at a higher cost and lower kill reward. Choose the P90 for aggressive pushes and situations where you expect to face multiple opponents.

MAC-10 / MP9

MAC-10 (for Terrorists) and MP9 (for Counter-Terrorists) are low-cost, high fire-rate SMGs. They’re perfect for eco rounds and aggressive play styles due to their effective close-quarters combat capability and movement speed.


The PP-Bizon has the highest magazine capacity among SMGs and is excellent for spraying down multiple enemies, but its low damage output is a significant drawback. Use it in close-quarters combat and when facing multiple opponents.



The Nova shotgun offers high damage and penetration at a relatively low price, making it a powerful asset in close quarters, particularly in early rounds or eco situations. Use the Nova to hold tight angles or ambush unsuspecting opponents.


The XM1014 is a semi-automatic shotgun that trades some damage per shot for a high fire rate. It’s more expensive, but can quickly dispatch groups of enemies in tight spaces. The XM1014 is best utilized in close-quarters scenarios, especially when defending a key location.


The Negev light machine gun boasts the highest rate of fire in CS2. It starts off highly inaccurate but becomes remarkably precise after sustained fire. It’s not typically used due to its high cost and low mobility, but in certain scenarios, it can hold off a rush single-handedly. Use the Negev to lay down suppressing fire and lock down corridors or chokepoints.

MAG-7 / Sawed-Off

The MAG-7 (for Counter-Terrorists) and Sawed-Off (for Terrorists) are deadly shotguns, effective in close-quarters combat. They deliver high damage at short range but suffer from limited range and slow fire rate. They’re best used in tight spaces or for ambushes.


The M249 is the most expensive weapon in CS2. It boasts a high fire rate and massive magazine size, but its significant cost and high recoil make it a less popular choice. Use it for suppressive fire and to hold off rushes.


Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle, or Deagle, is a high-damage pistol capable of eliminating foes with a single headshot. Its hefty recoil and slow fire rate demand accuracy from its wielder. The Deagle shines in eco rounds, where precision can compensate for a lack of overall firepower.


The Glock-18 is the default pistol for the Terrorist side. It has a high fire rate and low recoil but does limited damage. Use the Glock-18 for close-quarters engagements and aim for the head to maximize damage.


Counter-terrorists start with either the P2000 or the USP-S as their default pistol. The P2000 has a larger magazine, while the USP-S offers a silencer and higher accuracy but a smaller magazine size. Use these pistols to engage enemies at close to medium ranges and always aim for headshots.


The P250 is a cost-effective pistol that deals higher damage than the default pistols. It’s a popular choice in eco rounds for its potential to score headshots against armored opponents. Use the P250 when you’re strapped for cash but need a pistol that packs a punch.

Tec-9 / Five-SeveN

The Tec-9 (for Terrorists) and Five-SeveN (for Counter-Terrorists) are semi-automatic pistols that deal high damage. They’re effective during eco rounds or as secondary weapons due to their one-shot headshot potential against helmeted opponents at close range.

Dual Berettas

The Dual Berettas are a pair of pistols wielded simultaneously. They offer a high fire rate and significant magazine size but lack damage output. They’re useful in close-quarters combat where their volume of fire can overwhelm opponents.


The CZ75-Auto is a fully automatic pistol. It’s powerful in close-range engagements, but its small magazine size requires precise aim. Use it as a secondary weapon or during eco rounds when getting up close and personal.

R8 Revolver

The R8 Revolver is a high-risk, high-reward pistol. It delivers devastating damage, capable of one-shot kills with a body shot, but its long trigger pull delay requires precision and good timing. Use the R8 Revolver when you can reliably land your shots, or for its high damage potential in eco rounds.


This concludes our comprehensive guide on all the weapons in Counter-Strike 2. Remember, understanding your weaponry is crucial, but so is knowing your opponents, understanding the map, and refining your tactics and strategies. Every battle in CS2 is not just a test of aim but of wits, strategy, and adaptability. Happy gaming!