CS2 Movement Guide

Welcome to an in-depth guide on movement in CS2, where we will dive deep into understanding the diverse range of techniques that can make you a master in the field. Understanding movement mechanics is as important as having good aim in CS2 and could make a difference between winning or losing a fight.

Importance of Movement in CS2

Movement is often an underrated aspect of CS2, but it can have a significant impact on your gameplay. It’s not just about getting from point A to B; movement can offer advantages during gunfights, allow you to surprise your enemies, and even provide escape routes during sticky situations.

A simple guide

Basically, you want to peek from the left to the right of a corner with counter-stepping. So you press D, until you are exposed to the angle you want to peek and then instantly press A to reset your movement speed and shoot precisely. If you don’t see the enemy, you go back to cover and do it again so you don’t lose the peeker’s advantage.

CS2 Movement

Basics of Movement in CS2

Let’s start with the basics. In CS2, you can walk, run, jump, and crouch. Each action has its uses and should be incorporated into your gameplay strategically.

Walking and Running

Walking and running are your primary modes of travel. Running is the fastest but produces noise, which could alert nearby enemies. Walking is slower but silent, making it ideal for situations where stealth is necessary.

Jumping and Crouching

Jumping and crouching are more specialized actions. Jumping allows you to reach elevated areas or dodge bullets, while crouching reduces your speed but increases your accuracy and makes you a smaller target.

Advanced Movement Techniques

Mastering advanced movement techniques can provide a significant advantage during gameplay, and practicing these methods can lead to substantial improvements.

Peeking Techniques

Peeking techniques are an essential part of your movement arsenal. There are three types of peeks you should master:

Basic Peeking

Basic peeking is the action of checking corners or angles without exposing too much of your body to potential threats. To do this, move left or right to peek, and then instantly stop your movement by pressing the opposite key to maintain accuracy.

Crouch Peeking

Crouch peeking involves crouching as you peek around a corner, moving your hitbox and making headshots more difficult for your enemies. This technique is most effective when peeking from left to right.

Shoulder Peeking

Shoulder peeking is used to bait out an enemy’s shot, especially effective against AWPers. By showing only your arm or shoulder, you can force an enemy to prematurely fire, providing you with a window to counter-attack.

CS2 Jumping Mechanics: Mastering the Art

The jumping mechanics in CS2 offers a plethora of techniques to practice and master. Each type of jump serves a different purpose and can be used in different scenarios.

Bunny Hopping

Bunny hopping, or ‘bhop,’ involves a series of jumps that, when performed correctly, can increase your speed and make you a harder target to hit. This is done by jumping continuously while strafing left and right in the air to maintain momentum.

Strafe Jumping

Strafe jumping is a movement technique where you jump while simultaneously strafing (moving sideways). This is performed by jumping and letting go of the forward key, then synchronizing your mouse movements with your strafe key presses.

Long Jumping

Long jumping is a technique used to traverse larger gaps. It incorporates strafing and precise mouse movement to gain extra distance on your jump. Practice is crucial to perfect this skill.

KZ (Climb) Maps

KZ, or Climb maps, are custom maps designed to help players improve their movement skills. They typically involve navigating a course full of obstacles and jumps, requiring precise movement and timing.


Surfing is a game mode in CS2 where players slide down slanted surfaces and use momentum to navigate through intricate maps. It’s a great way to practice control over your movement.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing movement is key to improving your performance in CS2. Numerous custom maps and modes are specifically designed for practicing different movement techniques. Here are some suggestions:

Bunnyhop Maps

Bunnyhop maps are an excellent way to practice and perfect your bunny hopping skills. These maps often involve completing a course solely through bunny hops.

KZ Maps

KZ maps are obstacle courses that require you to utilize various movement techniques to reach the end. They’re a fun and challenging way to improve your overall movement skills.

Surf Maps

Surf maps involve sliding down slanted surfaces and using momentum to navigate through complex courses. They’re a great way to improve control over your movement and get a break from traditional CS2 gameplay.

Longjump Maps

Longjump maps are designed to help you practice and perfect your long jumps. These maps typically consist of numerous long gaps that you have to cross.


The beauty of CS2 lies in its depth and complexity, and mastering movement can give you a significant edge over your opponents. Whether it’s perfecting your peeking techniques, improving your bunny hops, or surfing like a pro, every aspect of movement can impact your game. So start practicing, learn to move like a pro, and take your game to the next level. Remember, practice makes perfect!