CS2 Gambling Sites

Discover the best CS2 Gambling Sites with our top list. We reviewed the best sites and show you where to deposit your CS2 skins safely. The best casinos offer many popular games like Roulette, Crash, and Plinko. We show you tips and tricks about betting on CS2 matches!

CS2 Gambling

The best CS2 Gambling Sites

Website Games Code Rating
CSGO500Roulette, Crash & BettingCSGOGUIDES⭐⭐⭐
CSGOEmpireRoulette, Betting & CoinflipCSGOGUIDES⭐⭐⭐
CSGOLuckCrash, Jackpot & CoinflipCSGOGUIDES⭐⭐
Clash.ggRoulette, Cases & JackpotCSGOGUIDES⭐⭐
DatDropCase OpeningKANTONL⭐⭐
HellcaseCase OpeningKANTONL1337⭐⭐
OPCasesCase OpeningCSGOGUIDES⭐⭐
FarmskinsCase Openingkantonl1337⭐⭐
GAMDOMCrash, Roulette & Jackpotcsgorat
DuelbitsRoulette & Dicecsgoguides
CSGORollRoulette, Crash & Case OpeningCS2EU

Your Ultimate CS2 Gambling Guide

But what is CS2 Gambling? It means playing casino games using Counter-Strike 2 skins (items) as a deposit.
The online gambling industry is huge with many different providers and games to play on! You can deposit your CS2 skins or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. to play popular games like Slots, Jackpot, or Blackjack. We provide you with free knowledge about the gambling topic, a list of the best CS2 gambling websites, and the best promo codes for your best gambling experience! This guide will help you to get all the knowledge you need.

CS2 Gambling Games

How to start with CS2 Gambling?

To start gambling with your CS2 skins, you first need to get some. The best way to get CS2 skins is by buying them on third-party marketplaces like Bitskins, Skinport, Buff & co. We even have a full comparison list of the most popular CS2 marketplaces to find the best skins with the lowest fees. If you find some skins you like, you first need to transfer them to your CS2 inventory on Steam. Usually, you need to save your trade link to the marketplace of your choice and request a withdrawal. But be aware, when trading CS2 items you get at least 7 days of trade restriction, so you need to wait if you want to trade away your new CS2 skins! So if you have any tradeable items in your inventory, you can decide to deposit them into a CS2 gambling site to play with it’s value.

Now you need to choose a CS2 gambling site you can trust with a provably fair system. The best CS2 gambling sites are:

After you deposit your CS2 skin into the CS2 casino, you usually get coins with the value of the skin. Now the fun starts! You can choose between many different games to play like Slots, Roulette, Crash, Coinflip, Jackpot, Blackjack, Dice & many more! Now you can gamble as long as you don’t lose your coins and if you are satisfied with your balance, you can withdraw your coins to other CS2 skins, popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, co., PayPal, or even bank transfers. The withdrawal options depend on the specific casino and usually online casinos have a “Know Your Customer” (KYC) policy, so you need to verify your identity using your passport f.e. If you are ready with that, your CS2 will be sent to your Steam inventory and you can enjoy playing with your new items!

What is CS2 Betting?

CS2 Betting Sites are online casinos where you can deposit your CS2 skins and place bets, usually on the outcome of a CS2 match between two teams. For example, if you have two equally good teams with a 50% win chance each, you can place your bet on one team and if it wins, you get your bet back plus something extra, depending on how much your team was likely to win. In the case of a 50/50 match, you usually would have odds of 1.85 each. This shows that the bookmaker takes a huge cut which means that you need experience on the sport you are betting on because it’s really hard to outperform the odds.

Also, there are many other bets you can make on CS2 matches. F.e. betting on the map score (2:1, 2:0, 1:2, 0:2), halftime scores, map wins, rounds over/under, handicaps, or even how many kills specific players make. On a good CS2 betting site, there are plenty of different options you can bet on. Betting on these smaller bets can be profitable as not as many players bet on those and you have slightly higher chances to outperform the odds. Handicap bets are also a good way to increase your odds if you don’t want to just pick the winner.

Another cool thing good CS2 Betting sites provide is that while a game is running, the odds are changing live. You can use this odd shifting to make Arbitrage bets f.e. or to make use of higher odds when f.e. your team is slightly behind at the start. This is way better than just choosing a winner at the start of a game because there it’s nearly impossible to outperform the odds in the long run.

What are the best CS2 casino games?

The variety of different games in the CS2 gambling industry is huge. From classics like Roulette, Blackjack, Coinflip, and Slots to modern games like Crash, Dice, Poker, and even unique games; CS2 gambling sites offer quite a lot when it comes to fun games. Games can have a different “Return To Player” (RTP), usually between 96%-99% in the casino’s favor. So as always, don’t expect gambling to be a way to make money, more like a fun time with the potential to leave with more money than you invested. However, here are descriptions of what the games I mentioned mean:

  • Roulette: Roulette is a classic among the casino games. A wheel with a ball is spun and depending on which field the ball lands, you get either 2x your bet if you picked the correct color (Red/Black) or if you picked Green you get 14x your bet (But there is usually just one or two green fields). Depending on the site, you can also bet on the correct numbers, special thirds, and some other bets.
  • Jackpot: The jackpot game was one of the bigger CS2 gambling games because of its unique excitement. A pot starts and you have f.e. 90s time to place your deposit into this pot. Sometimes it’s also restricted by f.e. 50 items. When the pot is full or the time ends, every player gets a ticket for each 0.01€ he placed. Then a random ticket is chosen and the winner gets the whole pot minus the site’s commission. This game mode is especially fun because pots can go high quickly. After all, you don’t know how much the other players deposit. Usually, you want to go high on this game so the chance of winning the whole pot is also higher.
  • Blackjack: Basically, you get two cards and you see one dealer’s card and you can decide to get another card (Hit) or to Hold. The goal is to get a total sum of 21. The Ace counts as 11 or 1, depending on what’s better. Also if you have an Ace and a card worth 10 (10, J, Q, K) you have a Blackjack and you win. But if your card values are above 21, you instantly lose. If the dealer has the same value as you (from 16 to 21), you get your bet back. If he is higher in this range, you lose. But if you Stand and the dealer gets above 21, you win.
  • Coinflip: A simple game. A coin is flipped and whoever picks the correct side, wins. Often, casinos offer bots whom you can play against or you play against a real player.
CS2 Coinflip
  • Case Opening: Like the case openings in CS2, third-party case opening sites provide different-priced cases that you can open for money and then you’ll get an item out of it. The odds are usually as bad as for opening cases in CS2 as well because these sites often take a rake of 30% and in the past, they often didn’t provide a Provably Fair system and not even show the odds.
  • Slots: There are unlimited variations of slot games, popular ones are Book of Ra, Eye of Horus, and many many others. There are some variations for it: In some, you try to hit a triple 7, while others have mechanics like free spins, 5 rows, and other multiplicators. Check the information of your games first before you play and check the RTP of the games!
  • Dice: Both players throw some dice and the one with the higher numbers wins! There are also some variations on this but all have one in common: it’s about Dices!
  • Crash: Crash is a multiplicator that can crash at any point, starting at 1.00x. It slowly increases its speed. This is a great way to multiply your money as the crash can sometimes go up to 100x and higher, but it can potentially crash instantly, resulting in losing your total bet. Also, the graph will crash at some point, and you only know it when it’s too late, so don’t be greedy, you will lose your total bet then.
  • Plinko: Plinko is a pretty new game but it became really popular fast because of its high multiplier of 1000x and its intense game design. A ball is dropped from the top on a grid of round obstacles and at the bottom there are multipliers from 0.2x to 1000x. The further it’s from the middle, the higher the multiplier. And depending on where the ball falls into you will get your bet multiplied. You can play Plinko on CSGORoll.

How to get skins for gambling?

There are several ways to get CS2 skins to either play or gamble. The best prices you’ll usually find on Buff, a Chinese marketplace. Their volume is so high that usually, the prices are slightly lower than everywhere else. However, there are plenty of other markets with competitive prices as well, even with headquarters in Europe. We even have created a full comparison for you. The reason why you should buy your skins on third-party marketplaces is because the Steam Community Market takes a commission of 15%, which is quite high and results in the prices being way higher. But of course, you need to watch out to not get scammed on external markets. Another thing to mention here is that if you trade CS2 items, you have a 7-day trade lock on the items – even if you have the Steam Authenticator on.

Play responsible

Always be aware, that gambling involves the risk of losing your whole deposit so always make sure you don’t play with items you can’t afford to lose and also make sure to not get addicted f.e. as gambling comes with many risks! Gambling can make you addicted and many people already get in serious trouble because they spend more and more on gambling and because the odds are always in the casino’s favor, you will most likely lose at the end. It’s supposed to be an option to multiply your bet and to make fun, so stick to your budget you can afford to lose, and don’t try to make a living out of CS2 gambling. If you need help, there are plenty of information websites and hotlines you can contact! Responsiblegambling.com is a good place to start!

Provably Fair

The underlying concept of provable fairness is that players can prove and verify that their results are fair and unmanipulated.

It is super important to pick a casino that is a legit business in a solid jurisdiction as there were lots of black sheep in the past. That’s why we tested and reviewed lots of different CS2 sites so you don’t have to do it. After you check that a CS2 casino you want to play is a legit business, you need to check that the games that the casino provides can’t be rigged. The system for this is called Provably Fair, which means that the outcome of the games is random and nobody can know or change the outcome of a round. There are different ways of proving this, but usually, they are explained pretty well on the legit casino’s provably fair page.

Is CS2 gambling legal?

This depends on your country. It is legal in many (not all) countries if you are 18+ and you play at a licensed casino. A good way to check is to look up where the CS2 casino you want to play is coming from, usually, it’s Curaçao, Cyprus, Malta, or another country that offers regulated gambling licenses. And then it depends on your local laws if you are allowed to play in casinos with jurisdiction in Curaçao f.e. Anyway, always stick to your local laws and inform yourself if you are allowed to before playing on CS2 gambling sites.

Final words

Gambling can have lots of fun and if you are lucky you can leave with a nice profit! However, it’s more likely that you lose your bet so playing responsibly and seeing gambling as a way to have some fun with a very small budget is mandatory. But there are plenty of super fun game modes out there like CS2 Jackpot, Crash, Slots, or Roulette. Also, it’s super important to play on legit sites so you don’t get scammed and your games can’t be rigged. Therefore, we provide you with the best list of websites for your CS2 gambling experience!