2023 CS:GO Roster Changes: A Detailed Look into the Shifting Sands of Pro Teams

Change is a constant companion in the dynamic world of esports, and the recent shuffle in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) teams corroborates this fact. With Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) on the horizon, these roster changes carry significant weight as teams gear up for a new chapter in CS:GO.

Rosted Changes 2023

Complexity: A Boost from EliGE

In a mutually beneficial move, EliGE has shifted from Team Liquid to Complexity, adding a new spark to the team’s dynamic.

Complexity Members:

  • hallzerk
  • EliGE
  • Grim
  • JT
  • floppy

Evil Geniuses: A Mess or a Masterstroke?

Evil Geniuses have opted for a drastic roster shake-up, promoting players from EG Black and retaining autimatic from the old roster. While confusing, this shift is sure to keep fans on their toes.

Evil Geniuses Members:

  • Jeorge
  • autimatic
  • Hext
  • Walco
  • junior
  • RUSH (substitute)

Liquid: A Dicey Dive

In a surprising and daring move, Liquid has added relatively inexperienced players Patsi and Rainwaker to their roster. Now classified as an EU team, they face the challenge of qualifying through the tougher EU RMR.

Liquid Members:

  • Yekindar
  • Patsi
  • NAF
  • Rainwaker
  • oSee

Astralis: A Farewell and Fresh Faces

Astralis bids farewell to their long-time in-game leader (IGL), gla1ve, while academy prospect Altekz has moved back to Astralis Talent. In the wake of these changes, they welcome Staehr from Sprout and b0RUP, formerly of Copenhagen Flames.

Astralis Members:

  • b0RUP
  • Buzz
  • Staehr
  • dev1ce
  • blameF

Falcons: Rising from the Ashes

After kennyS’ retirement, Falcons have defied expectations with the acquisition of BOROS, mhL, and lauNX. These additions have revitalized their lineup.

Falcons Members:

  • bodyy
  • mhL
  • NBK-
  • lauNX

OG: A Questionable Change

OG has taken a risk by parting ways with its top-performing players to make room for a fresh lineup. The success of this decision remains to be seen.

OG Members:

  • k1to
  • nexa
  • F1KU
  • regali

BIG: An Emerging Talent Pool

Despite their inconsistent performance, BIG has stirred curiosity by promoting prosus and s1n from the BIG Academy to the main team.

BIG Members:

  • mantuu
  • s1n
  • tabseN
  • Krimbo
  • prosus

NIP: Sidestepping for Success

NIP has replaced Aleksib with hampus, signaling a potential change in direction rather than an outright advance.

NIP Members:

  • headtr1ck
  • REZ
  • k0nfig
  • Brollan
  • hampus

NAVI: Braving New Waters

NAVI’s roster has witnessed major changes, with Aleksib joining the squad and the emerging talents iM and jL also coming aboard. These changes herald a new era for the team.

NAVI Members:

  • jL
  • Aleksib
  • b1t
  • iM
  • s1mple