CS2 News: Update Patch Notes 29th June 2023

An exciting new patch has been released for CS2 on the 29th of June, 2023, introducing a variety of changes, additions, and fixes to further enhance the gaming experience.

Gameplay Updates

This update introduces the Casual game mode, expanding the available gaming options for players who are either looking for a more relaxed gaming environment or new to the CS2 scene.

Shooting Mechanic Updates

A rare bug that caused bullets to occasionally not follow the shot pattern has been fixed. This refinement should contribute to a smoother, more consistent in-game shooting experience.

Map Updates

Two maps have been added to the rotation: Nuke is now available for Deathmatch, Casual, and Competitive play, while Office has been added to Deathmatch and Casual modes. However, Mirage has been removed from the rotation.

Audio Improvements

Several audio improvements have been made, such as distance effects added to all surround sound sources, improved 3D sound processing, and general sound tuning enhancements. Additionally, a number of bugs affecting sound occlusion and volume have been addressed. New musical cues for “match accepted” and loading screens have been added, as well as a dedicated audio occlusion layer to enable vertical sound positioning in Nuke.

Animation Updates

A series of animations have been improved, including the examination of grenades and healing syringe animations. The inspect behavior for various weapons has also been enhanced.

Movement Updates

A bug that occasionally caused the crouch/stand up action to be too slow has been fixed. Bunnyhopping should now feel similar to CS:GO at 128 ticks. Configuration variable sv_jump_spam_penalty_time has been added for fine-tuning bunny hopping, and players can no longer jump at the end of the warm-up phase.

Network Updates

The Delta-Frame game data is now sent asynchronously, reducing the CPU usage of the main thread on dedicated servers, and consequently, the probability of skipped ticks.

Miscellaneous Updates

Among other updates, a bug that displayed a weapon in the holster of dead players has been fixed. A team-independent equipment icon has been added to the tiles in the inventory/equipment. Adjustments have been made to the spectator mode and the transitions between tracking and free camera. The game mode description in the loading screen is now centered, and the “Best out of X rounds” note has been removed from the loading screen.

This update delivers significant improvements to CS2’s gameplay, offering enhanced control and interaction for its players, while improving the game’s overall performance. Happy gaming!